Sapped of Energy?

Salina Effendi, 38 years old, home maker and mother to 3 active kids ages 1, 5 and 9 years finds herself perpetually exhausted from looking after her toddler to chauffeuring the others to and from school, tuition, ballet, karate and piano classes; helping them with their homework. Tan Seng Yew, in his 40’s works with a company that requires him to travel extensively throughout the region for business. The constant travelling and lack of sleep causes him to nod off during meetings which can be a little embarrassing. Another example of someone suffering from an energy crisis is Paul De Silva, 68 years old. He is a doting grandfather to 2 boys and a girl, ages 4, 6 and 8. He used to be able to take them for bicycle rides, kick ball, fly kites with them but now, he finds it a struggle to keep up with them. These are common challenges experienced by many people worldwide.

Tired, exhausted, shattered, knackered, drained? Being pooped is an everyday experience that for most of us is the trigger to jump into bed and get a good night’s sleep. But what about when you just can’t seem to get going in the morning? When you run out of steam half way through the day? When you’re worn out all the time? Can we ever recover from this low- energy crisis? The answer is definitely a Yes! Read on to discover how…

Our body’s most basic system is the energy system. The energy system is also the most important system, the one that runs the body. When the energy system is damaged, it affects all aspects of life, jeopardizing health, bring on disease and speeds up ageing.

Human energy production
Human energy production is a complicated process. The food we eat is broken down into smaller components in the digestive tract. These smaller components are then use by the cells to produce energy. For the cells to convert food to energy it requires a vitamin – like substance called Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). Without Coenzyme Q10 our body is unable to make energy, without energy there is no life.
When we are young, our cells are loaded with CoQ10 to produce an abundance of energy to run our body efficiently. But as we grow older, our bodies produce less and less CoQ10 which result in decline in energy production.

Signs of energy decline
There are several warning signs of energy decline listed below. Identify which one applies to you:-

Your mind says “go now” but your body says “later”
Just about everyone over the age of thirty goes through this at some point. Your brain tells you to go do it now but your body is too tired to move. It could be something as usual as going for a walk or cooking dinner, or something extra such as going to the gym. Whatever it is, you just don’t seem to have energy to do anything. Do the days seem to be getting shorter? Can’t seem to fit everything into your schedule anymore? This mystery of the shrinking day is another sign of energy decline.

You wake up more tired than when you went to sleep
Do you find it a struggle to get yourself out of bed every morning? There are two reasons why people wake up exhausted – not enough sleep or poor quality sleep. Most of us need six to eight hours sleep to wake up feeling fresh and active. If you are getting the right amount of sleep, but still waking up tired, then you are probably on the verge of an energy crisis.

Stress is another sleep wrecker – is also more difficult to handle when you are in an energy deficient stage. Stress further depletes our energy level, leaving us twice as exhausted as before.

You yearn for an afternoon nap
Do you get more tired as the day progresses? Do you avoid meetings after lunch because you know you won’t be able to keep your eyes opened? The afternoon slump is a common sign of energy decline.

You walk around in brain fog
Do you find yourself feeling dull and out of focus or having difficulty concentrating in any hour of the day? Is your memory failing you sometimes? This subtle loss of brain power is another sign of your body running low on energy.

You overeat because you are low in energy?
Like every other person, you probably have “mountain” of snacks stored in your drawer or in your refrigerator for all those extremely frequent time when you feel a little tired. So what happens? Your energy goes up for a few minutes, but comes crashing down again… and you go for another snack. The only thing that remains is the weight gain.

The body’s response to hunger and exhaustion is very much similar. So many of us have mistaken exhaustion for hunger and end up eating when you don’t need to, piling on unnecessary pounds.

The above are some of the signs of energy decline which, if ignored, could lead to depletion in your energy system – which will eventually affect every aspect of your life.

If you are experiencing any one or more of these warning signs you can take steps to boost your energy system. Although CoQ10 occurs naturally in many foods such as beef, pork and vegetables, the amount of CoQ10 in these foods is insignificant. It is hard to get enough of CoQ10 in a day from food. Therefore the only solution to this is to supplement with CoQ10.

Supplemental Hydrosoluble Coenzyme Q10
The biggest problem with most CoQ10 products is the absorption into the bloodstream. The traditional forms of CoQ10 supplements are not easily absorbed by the body (powdered CoQ10 suspension in soya oil incorporated into softgel capsules, powder based tablets, powder-filled hard gelatin).The reason is that CoQ10’s particle size is very large, insoluble in water and poorly soluble in lipids, which makes it hard for your body to absorb.

However, an American company has developed the patented Biosolv process which reduces the particle size from 25-70 microns to 0.3 microns – even smaller than bacteria! And hence, makes it “hydrosoluble”. As a general rule, the smaller the particle size the better the absorption. Therefore with hydrosoluble CoQ10, more CoQ10 gets absorbed into your bloodstream to boost the energy level in the body.

Salina, Tan and Paul are 3 happy people who have discovered the wonders of hydrosoluble coenzyme Q10 and how taking it has helped them to recover from their energy crisis. So, if you are experiencing an energy crisis, start taking hydrosoluble CoQ10 daily for renewed energy and say goodbye to tiredness!